Bob Pearce & Associates has been serving the Antelope & Santa Clarita Valley since 2001- California License No. 23161. Mr. Pearce holds a B.S. in Business Administration from CSUN and teaches a one day workshop on Identity Theft Prevention & Recovery at the Jr. college level through out Southern California.

Regardless which licensed Private Investigator you select, he or she should be thorough, professional, skilled in the art of discovery, descrete, ethical and diligent. A private investigator's task is to uncover and collect information. The decisions you make are no better than the information your private investigator brings back to you.

Private Investigators are trained in the art and science of discovery, however it is the reponsibility of the justice system, specifiicaly the courts, who decide fact from fictiion, whether it is a jury of your peers of the judge himself.

Accident Reconstruction
Anti-Piracy Investigations
Auto Repossession and Lock Picking
Aviation Security & Investigations
Background & Pre- Employment Checks
Bail Bond Recovery
Blackmail/Extortion/Harassment Investigations
Child Custody/Neglect/Abuse Investigations
Civil Investigations
Corporate Acquisition Investigations
Closed Circuit Television
Counter-Surveillance Investigations
Crime Scene Analysis
Criminal Investigations
Deadbeat Spouse Investigations
Debt Collection/Judgment Recovery
Decoy Services
Domestic Investigations
Evidentiary Photography
Executive Security Document Courier
Executive Protection

Financial and Assets Investigations
Forensic Photography
Fraud Investigation
Hospital Security
Identity Theft in General
Identity Theft Workshop Syllabus
Identity Theft Class Dates & Times
Infidelity / Domestic
Industrial Espionage
Information Research
Insurance Fraud Investigations
International Investigative Affairs
Interviewing and Interrogation
Investigative Locates for Asset Repossessions
Jury Panel Investigations
Juveniles, Sex, and Drugs
Loss Prevention Service
Medical Malpractice Investigations
Missing Children
Insurance Fraud Investigations
International Investigative Affairs

Interviewing and Interrogation
Missing Persons and Skip Tracing
Narcotics/Drug Investigations
Neighborhood Activity Checks
Nursing Home Abuse
Personal Injury Investigations
Pre-Travel Destination Security Consulting
Private Investigators in General

Polygraph Services
Premarital Investigations
Sabotage and Industrial Theft
Security Consultant
Security Vulnerability Surveys
Shopping Service
Threat Analysis
Trial Preparations for Attorneys
Workers Compensation Investigations

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