Identity Theft, Prevention and Recovery

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Taught by licensed private investigator, Bob Pearce, this course will provide the individual maximum protection against the crime of Identity Theft.  Learn about your rights under state and federal codes and statutes and the various forms Identity Theft takes. This class will cover in detail, the step by step process of reclaiming your life. Learn how to straighten out the Big 3 credit reporting agencies and related merchants using sample correspondences.   For further information, contact Bob Pearce at the following email address: or call (661) 400-3813

Workshop Outline

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Learn how to order your FREE credit report from the official Credit Reporting Agency designated web site, by mail or by phone. Learn about two vitally important books. There is one book on ID Theft protection and one book on ID Theft recovery. What materials are included in the course?

o   Textbook (optional)

o   CD-ROM

§  Class notes in the form of a web page, no note taking required

§  Folder of Government Publications

§  Blank letters to freeze your credit profile for 5 years

o   Class Handouts

o   Laminated examples

Chapter 2 – What is Identity Theft?
What exactly is it that is stolen? Why would someone want to steal my identity?  How do I know it has been stolen? More importantly, what do I do if it has been stolen?

Chapter 3 – The Law is on Your Side
Chapter 3 examines the California Penal Codes, specifically, what type of activities are deemed illegal. We see special consideration given to crimes involving elders & dependent adults. Learn about the California database for identity theft victims and how it is used by law enforcement. 

Chapter 4 - How do You Know When You Have Become a Victim?
Learn the subtle clues of identity theft.  Learn about the one book every victim should own. In chapter 4 you will also learn the tell tale signs that your identity has been stolen.

Chapter 5 – What’s Required is a New Mental State of Mind
In chapter 5 you will learn and develop new skills for fighting back against Identity Theft.  Learn how to identify phishing emails for what they are, and new behaviors to incorporate into your daily life.

Chapter 6 - Steps to Minimize Your Exposure to ID Theft

Take concrete steps to minimize your exposure to Identity Theft.  Recognize our world today is not the same one we were born in to. Learn specific behaviors to implement now and forever more.

7 - What to do If You Do Become a Victim of Identity Theft
Time is of the essence when you become a victim of ID Theft. What are the important first steps to take?  Learn about the “Fraud Alert.” How to place a fraud alert and what it accomplishes.  Also discussed, the one book every VICTIM should own. Learn how to prove you are a victim and how to file your “Certificate of Innocence,” if required.

Chapters 8 – 24 will be covered briefly, as they address specifically, how to handle the various forms of Identity Theft and are meant to be reference material for the Identity Theft victim.

 8.  Bank Accounts & Fraudulent Withdrawals
 9.  Fraudulent Electronic Withdrawals
10. Fraudulent New Accounts
11. Federal Reserve System
12. Bankruptcy Fraud
13. Correcting Fraudulent Information in Credit Reports
14. Credit Cards     
15. Criminal Violations
16. Debt Collectors
17. Driver's License
18. Investment Fraud
19. Mail Theft
20. Passport Fraud
21. Phone Fraud
22. Social Security Number Misuse
23. Student Loans
24. Tax Fraud

Chapter 25 – The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Learn about your rights under the FCRA & the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA).  In addition to the big three consumer credit reporting agencies, the National Specialty Consumer Reporting Firms are also tracking you. Find out who they are and what they report.